An original play by Gary Vacon

Framed through a futuristic world and the impact Artificial Intelligence has on the life of an ordinary suburban family.  Can humanity survive?


I started writing in September of 2017. Disturbed by what is happening in Internet search, social media, internet privacy, on line retail, mobile wearable devices, smart speakers, health care, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), I wondered how to succinctly communicate my concerns about the future.

Mia's Cloud is the story of a company that plans to fix all that's wrong with the Internet using Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the story of how the company's actions impact the lives of an ordinary family.   It's the story of how good corporate intent is often corrupted by commercial concerns. It's a story about how we are often so willing to hand a large portion of our lives and privacy over to companies that don't necessary have our best interest at heart.   

I am a retired internet entrepreneur.  My companies developed products that pushed bits around the Internet.  I thought that connecting people would bring them together.  I didn't foresee the dark side including fake news, election manipulation, tribal divides, non-existent privacy and lost productivity.   Mia's Cloud is a cautionary tale about what could happen next with AI.  Or maybe Mia's Cloud is penance for whatever small part I played in creating the messy technological world we now live in.

Mia's Cloud premiered on May 10, 2019 at the Woods Hole Theater Company, directed by Melinda Gallant, produced by Annie Hart Cool.  We ran 9 shows, and I am still astonished that we sold out so many nights.  I'm grateful to the Woods Hole Theater Company for supporting and promoting this project throughout the development process.

If you are interested in producing this play take a look  at the technology and contact me for more information​.  Scripts are available at the New Play Exchange.

Gary Vacon



I'm an engineer with a masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.  I worked for Bell Laboratories and Digital Equipment before starting starting two companies:  NetICs Inc and AutoCell.  Over the course of my career I've accumulated over 50 patents, but my writing has been confined to technical specifications, business plans and emails.  My background in theater started my senior year in college, when I took an acting course and received a B- because my instructor felt "I tried so hard."   I'm currently retired on Cape Cod where I sit on various boards and enjoy sailing, fishing, swimming, biking and running.


Production Staff -

Melinda Gallant Director 

Annie Hart Cool Producer 

House Manager Nicole Taylor 

Stage Manager Meghan Sullivan 

Tech Janet Vacon, David Iseman, and Lee Geishecker


Premiered on May 10, 2019 at The Woods Hole Theater Company

Original Cast -

Jennifer Washburn as Mia

Lisa Jo Rudy as Jane 

Michael White as Mark

Charlotte Green as Sally 

Mike Fishbein as John

Jeff Smith as Bruce 

Adam Nelson as Frank 

Kimberly Hargis as Fran 

Susan Cushing as Professor Jones

Zach Morris as Kyle and Joey.

Plays Under Development


Mia's Singularity - A sequel to Mia's Cloud.  We know everything about you, trust us with your consciousness and you can live forever.

Uncertainty - A physicist  collides his views on religion with his understanding of quantum mechanics.

Control Room - What if Cyrano had today's technology?

Short Plays - dating and selfie sticks

Fine Trimmed Lawn - how will AI impact affluence


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